VIFY Physical Gift card

This article is to help you understand our app's physical gift card feature.

With this feature, you can sell physical gift cards alongside digital ones.

Notes: This simply generates a gift code and assign to your order, without sending any emails to your customers. You have to manually print, pack, and ship your physical card to the customers on your own

Here is the standard process on how it works:

Customers purchase physical gift card in your store, and provide the shipping address when doing so
We assign the gift code(s) to the order, with a note within Shopify admin
You manually print the code (with any method of your choosing)
You ship the physical gift card to the customers, with provided address

Let's start by setting it up

Enable Physical gift card feature

The first step to do is enable this feature on our app, under E-Gift/Physical Gift Card tab, and hit the Enable button

Once enabled, a physical gift card product is automatically created in your store. You can hit the Customize physical gift card product button to configure it further if needed

Create new gift codes

If you manually create new gift codes, they will be assigned to any new physical gift card orders.
If no gift codes are created, or all available gift codes have been assigned, our app will generate them automatically with new orders.

How does it work on your website

If you have enabled the Physical gift card feature, this extra option is added to your original gift card page

Choosing this option brings your customers to the Physical Gift Card interface. It is recommended that you configure this product, so it shows the proper denominations and images.

Your customers can put in the recipient's information here, and proceed with checkout normally.

After order is created, this is how it shows on your Admin

How do you send physical gift card to your customers?

As mentioned above, the process of fulfillment and shipping physical gift cards are handled by your store.
You can use any means on your side to print the proper gift card, and include the codes that have been assigned, then ship them to your customers.

Updated on: 12/07/2024

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