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Add Download Invoice/Download Refund button to Shopify's confirmation email

This guideline gives information about how to add Download button to the Shopify's confirmation email/Refund email which is sent to your customer.
Since Shopify does not allow apps to automatically update this, you need to manually insert the code, using instructions below:

Step 1:

In our app, select Settings => Download buttons, and the button you wish to add:

Step 2:

Hit Edit to customize the button to your liking, then this copy icon to copy to code:

Step 3:

In your Shopify admin page, go to Settings -> Notifications -> Customer confirmations:

Select the proper email template you want to update (we will select the Order Confirmation in this case)
Under Order processing, click Order confirmation

Paste the code from Step 1 onto Email Body (HTML), normally right before </body> tag at the bottom:

Click Save to finish.

Then you can make a test order on Shopify to see what it really looks like.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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