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Email automation

This guideline gives you information about how to set up Email automation with our app.

Email automation helps you automatically send emails to your customers, with the PDF invoice attached, when orders are placed, fulfillments are created/updated, or refunds are processed.

To access Email Automation, click on **Email** -> Email Automation (on the menu bar):

You can have access to the below configuration:

Select the email flow to configure: Invoice / Packing Slip / Refund
Enable/disable email automation
Enable/disable sending automation to store's email
Enable/disable sending automation to customer's email
Enable/disable sending automation for POS orders

Select action to trigger the email flow

Select reply email. If customer replies, the response will go to this mailbox. By default, it is the store’s email address

Add BCC email addresses

Send email automation to Order or Customer with TAGS

Send email automation to Order or Customer without TAGS

Select “**Save**” to save all changes.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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