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Add a Quotation button to your Cart page

This feature requires you to be on PREMIUM feature or higher

Instead of manually create a quotation when customer requests, you can add a Quotation button to your cart page (or anywhere in your store, but we recommend the cart page for the best experience), so customers can easily and quickly generate the quotation whenever they want.

Please note that this requires the cart to have at least 1 item in it, since this button generates a quote with those said items

To do so, kindly follow the instructions here.

Go to Shopify Admin -> Themes -> Customize

Proceed to add a product to cart then view the cart page

Hover over the plus icon until you see the "Add section" button, click on it

Switch to Apps tab, and select the Quote button option

Update the style and text then hit Save. The button will be added to your website

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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