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How to add gift cards product link to the Shopify store’s navigation ?

Now that your gift card product is created, you need to add gift cards to your Shopify store and its navigation system to be made available for purchase. This procedure takes place outside the Gift Cards section. Follow these steps to add gift cards to your Shopify store:

Go to your Shopify Admin page, and click "View Online Store"
Then Click on Navigation tab

navigation tab on shopify admin

Select the menu you want to add it to, on the Menus block

add product gift card link to main menu

Proceed to the Menu items section and click**_Add menu item**.

add menu item

Proceed to the Name field to add gift cards to Shopify store. Specify your gift card product’s name that displays on the storefront.

Proceed to the Link list to add the product:

Choose Products; select the gift card product to add to your store’s navigation;

choose gift card product

Hit _Add_.
Save your menu.

That’s it! Now, you know how to add gift cards Shopify store and its navigation.

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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