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Translate invoice language

This guideline gives you information about how to:

- Choose default language for your invoice

- Manually translate terms in your invoice

All invoices can be translated into other local languages besides English.

Setup language

To access Translation setup, click on **Translations** (on the menu bar) -> _Languages_ -> then Select the language you want to translate invoices to:

If you enable **Auto detect language by Customer Locale**, the app would set the language in Email Automation using the language detected by Customer Locale.

If you enable **Use RTL (right to left)**, the app would use direction Right to left for the Selected language to show on invoice.

Select **Update** to finish.

Manually edit translation

You can manually edit the translation, by going to **Translations** (sidebar), or _Translations_ on the menu bar:

Select the language to translate. If you have selected a language in Setup (1), it is automatically selected here.

Edit all the translations as you wish, then click **Update** to finish.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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