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How does VIFY Gift Card app work when customers purchase gift card

This article is to help you understand the process of how our app works in terms of generating gift code when gift card product is purchased.

Customer purchases gift card product in your store
- Shopify will generate a gift code is their system (let's call it Gift code A)
- Shopify sends an email to the buyer, with gift code A data in it
- Since Shopify never reveals the actual code from their system, it sadly cannot work with our app
Our app deactivates gift code A
- Like mentioned above, we cannot get the full detail of gift code A to process on our app, we instead will disable it immediately
- Our app generates a new gift code with the exact same value (let's call it gift code B)
- Our app sends an email to the recipient, with gift code B detail

In conclusion:
2 gift codes are created during this process, 1 from Shopify, and 1 from us. Shopify gift code is deactivated, our gift code is active
The buyer will receive an email from Shopify with deactivated gift code. We sadly cannot disable this process (as it is from Shopify), but you can follow instructions from this LINK to update their email content

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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